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* Do you know how to increase your DNS security?

Suggested article from our blog: DNSSEC. The security extension for DNS

Domain Name System Security Extension or DNSSEC for short, is an additional security fix to the DNS. It guarantees the integrity of the data in your DNS servers and provides correct DNS records to your users. No more bad redirections and customers' complaints.

DNSSEC builds on top of DNS with a security extension that authenticates the name servers. From the root zone, through the TLD and the domain name, each step needs to perform a handshake with private and public keys to verify the servers. If everything checks out, your visitors will receive the right DNS records from a trusted source.

How does DNSSEC or Domain Name System Security Extension work?

DNSSEC, on a first look, gets the same results as the regular DNS. Your users will get the DNS records they asked for. The difference is hidden from the eyes. Each interaction between the name servers will be encrypted and will be guaranteed with public and private keys.

Learning more about DNS security and DNSSEC is right around the corner. Just check this article!