First vs Second Child : 10 Differences

Yesterday I was in Starbucks getting my morning coffee when this woman walked in with a newborn and another little one who was 2.   Being the mom that I am I started chatting with her , And found out her son was the same age as mine when I had Austin.   It made me think about all the things that are different the second time around some which i shared with her and some that i felt i would share with you.

1.  Pregnancy Pictures

1st Child :     Looking back I have a ton of when I was pregnant with my first son.   Week to week it was documented.
2nd Child:    One or two pictures were taken towards the end of the pregnancy.

2. Documentation

1st Child:    From his first cough to his first full night of sleep it’s all documented.    I was determined to make sure I captured every moment.

2nd Child:  At the beginning it seemed to be going well until his first word ,  it all went downhill from there.

3.  Visitors

1st  Child:   People were banging down the door to come see the new baby.    But if you wanted to see my child you need to first show me your immunization records,  proof you haven’t been around anyone sick in the past week and don’t breathe on my child.

2nd Child:    A few people came over to see the little one.   ‘Oh you have the sniffles? No problem come over anyways.”  “Want to hold the baby?  I’m just going to run to the washroom and then do some laundry. “

4.   Time Management

1st Child:   If you wanted to go out it must be planned carefully.  Don’t want to ruin your little ones nap schedule.   Want to go out it takes forever to get out of the house with all the prep you must do.   Having a child is so life altering I couldn’t understand how I could ever get anything done.

2nd Child:   How did I ever think that caring for one child was so difficult?   I get you need to nap but mommy needs to get groceries, let’s go for a walk.

5.  Children’s  Entertainment

1st Child:    Oh I am only going to let my child watch a couple of hours of tv a day.   We will have all carefully planned activities to help with your development.

2nd Child:  Want to watch Toopy and Binoo sure!  Heres an iPad ,show your brother how to play mine craft.

6.   Sleep

1st Child:   You are tired , so very tired.  Waking up every two hours is exhausting.  Thank goodness for nap time and people who come over to let you get some much-needed rest.

2nd Child:  Sleep what is that?   You now understand what “Mombie”  means because you are one.

7.   Housekeeping

1st Child:   There is a place for every toy and after we play with something we put it away.   Must make sure everything is tidy and nothings on the floor so your little one won’t put it in their mouth.

2nd Child:  Toys are scattered everywhere.  “Whats that in your mouth?”” Oh a cheerio from this morning? Ok go ahead. ”

8:   Injuries

1st Child:   If they fall you are there in an instant to check them over and watch them for hours to make sure they don’t have a concussion.

2nd Child:   Glance over , take a quick look,  see they are ok and continue on with what you were doing.   Children fall they get scratches and small cuts its fine.

9:  Bathing 

1st Child:  You want to have a shower?  Put them in the swing while you bathe quickly or do it while they are napping

2nd Child:  As soon as the water is turned on you have a naked child run in the bathroom.  Need I say More?

10: Unconditional Love

1st Child:   They amaze you with everything they do. From first smile to first word you are in awe.  You have never been so in love.

2nd Child:  It’s just as fantastic as the first time you are overjoyed to have this little soul in your life.   Unconditional love and Joy.