How to have a great meal when camping

One thing that all people love about camping, even those who don’t like camping that much, is an opportunity to cook meals over the campfire and have them in the open air while enjoying a stunning view. To make cooking outdoors fun and easy, make sure you have all the right gear when setting off for your next trip into the woods.

Your camping trip will only be perfect if you don’t have any troubles during the trip. The best dutch ovens for camping and other cookware will help you have great time without worries about how you are going to cook your meals.

Whenever we think about camping, the first things coming to our mind are roasted marshmallows, messy s’mores, tea or coffee heated over the fire and, of course, hot dogs we can cook over an open flame. To cut a long story short, our memories about camping trips are often memories about all the tasty food we had there. So, to make the most of your next trip, follow the tips for packing the cookware you should take with you to make the best out of your camping trip.

1. Plan what you will eat for every meal of the day

It is always good to have a plan, even more so when you are going camping. It’s better to plan for meals which are easy to cook and have just a few ingredients. To minimize the weight you are going to carry, plan for some simple dishes. Think about some basic food and ingredients you can use for different meals of the day. Your meal plan for a camping day may be like this:

  • Breakfast: bacon, eggs, sausage, bread, fruit and coffee/tea
  • Snack: trail mix, granola bars, dried fruit, water
  • Lunch: hot dogs, sandwiches, fruit, water
  • Dinner: hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, beans, coffee/tea, water

When you have your meal plan ready for every day of your trip, you should think through what you’ll need to take with you for each meal.

2. Pack the camping cookware

When you have a simple meal plan, you don’t need to pack anything apart from a few essentials. You can use a plastic tote and put all your camping cookware and utensils there. The basic things you will need are a camp stove, a coffee pot or kettle, a skillet, a saucepan, a spatula, a wooden spoon, tongs and a good knife, of course.

You might not want to carry a camp stove. Then you can just take a metal grate which you will put over the fire. You might even not need a grate if you are ready to cook with the residual heat coming off the fire. For example, the only thing you need to cook hot dogs is a handy stick.

3. Don’t carry it too far

Of course, you might feel temptation to cook a delicious meal, but you don’t want to waste your time cooking while camping as there are so many more things to do there. So, choose dishes which are easy and fast to cook and spend your time hiking, exploring, having fun and watching sunsets. If you are the person who can’t live a day without cooking something special, you might want to only cook one meal a day, otherwise you risk spending all your time there cooking.

4. Leave your favorite cookware at home

One thing you should not forget about cooking over an open fire is that the camping cookware you are going to use will be subject to quite harsh conditions. Stew pots, skillets and metal grates will surely get some char marks, dents and dings during such an adventure. That’s why you shouldn’t bring any cookware that is of special value for you, leave it in the safety of your home kitchen.

It’s not so complicated to prepare delicious meals and snacks while camping. It just takes a little planning and bringing the right cookware. The beauty of the nature and the fresh air will make your meals much more enjoyable anyway.