My Kids Said What?

Having children can be interesting. Sometimes you just have to laugh or shake your head. Here are a few things I have caught my boys saying.

1:    5yr old: Hey mom I kapluted.   Me: you what?  5yr old: I Kapluted!  Me: what is that 5 yr old: I didn’t quite fart  Me: ummm Ok?  

2:  At the dinner table. 

 5yr old: Mom I’m full.   Me: your full already  5yr old: Well my food section is full, my milk section isn’t.

3:  3yr old walks up to me and whips IT out.

  3yr old: My penis is big and its bigger.  Me: thats great put it away.  ( sigh boys )

4: 5yr old chewing on the end of a string.  

  Me: oh your the one who’s been chewing on that  5yr old: yup I’m a ninja, ninja Nathaniel.   Me: Oh I didn’t know you were.  5yr old: Yes I ate a Ninja.  Me: You ate a Ninja?  5yr old: Yes, that is how you become a Ninja.  

5:  3yr old while we are walking

3yr old: What is that?   Dad: That is my chest, Austin.  3yr old: I have breasts too. 

6:  While Mommy was watching Burlesque

5yr old: Mom i don’t like how they are dancing, they are wiggling their bums. Ewwwwwwww.  I’m going to my room.

7. While having a playdate

5yr old:  Mom, Max said a bad word.  He said what the F***.   Me: Nathaniel we don’t say that word.   5yr old: I’m not saying it, I’m just telling you what he said.