Parenting 101

Becoming a parent is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.  My whole perspective on life has changed.   Wonderful and challenging, day-to-day it’s never the same.   Many lessons you learn before you have children. But alas there are some that you just don’t know about until you are knee-deep in it.  Welcome to parenting 101. 

1. Having alone time in the bathroom at home will be a thing of the past.

 Whether you are pooping or showering I can almost guarantee with certainty that you will have a little one to keep you company.  Whether they are beside you while you are on the toilet having a conversation with you or banging on the door. 

2.  You will yearn for a clean home.  

 Now this may not be true for all parents I can only speak for myself and those I know.  Your home will be filled with baby toys and products scattered everywhere.  And as your children get older it just gets worse.   That couch you bought right before the baby came will be covered in spit up and boogers.   Consider yourself forewarned. 

3.  A warm meal will be a luxury.  

I love to cook but as my children get older I find that more often than not  my dinner is always cold.  Trying to get them to eat is the priority and then after that fiasco I can finally sit down to eat.   Or I forget to eat at all and find myself starving at 7pm. 

4.  Sleeping in, whats that?  

To this day I can’t remember the last time I have really been able to sleep in.   Waking up every few hours for a feeding when they are newborns to an early riser at 3.  Sleep is a precious thing when you can get it. 

5.  You will become a master of all trades.  

Plumber, Doctor, Chef and Mechanic.   Before children I had no idea how to pull apart a toilet until that fateful day my son decided to flush a toy.  If it hasn’t happened yet I assure you it will. 

6.  You will be late almost daily.  

Time is of the essence,  sadly try to tell your 3 yr old that.  You need to be somewhere at a certain time make sure you plan to leave a half hour earlier then you normally would. From temper tantrums to diaper changes that need doing at the last-minute.  Shit happens literally. 

7.  You now know what unconditional love is.  

Once i had my boys I finally understood what true love really was.  Everything I do and everything thing that has led up to this point has been absolutely worth it.